It is a grand mistake to peg Helmut Ebritsch as a man of havles. Providing 50%% of Hatikvah, Klartraum and the guiding vision of Lucidflow, coupled with over 20 years in the business counts as pedigree in my book. Having featured on several Lucidflow, Le Bien Et Le Mail, Night Drive Music, Darkroom Dubs releases over the last years, Helmut steps up into the spotlight for his best of compiled works. Usually associated with deep and rumbling dub orientated works, the best of appropriately showcases all musical sides to Helmut’s productions. Hopefully it will be less than a year and a half before we see Helmut grabbing the headlines once again, but, in case it is, grab this as it could become a collectors item. Nick Muir (Bedrock) Definitely deep and in just the way I like. CDT mix my pick! Desyn Masiello (sos) CDT mix is a beauty, can listen to this anytime anywhere. Loraine + Nadja very nice too. Seth Troxler Amazing EP. Full stop!! Will definitely be playing! John Selway Yet another great Lucidflow release. Paul Loraine remix will get most support from me. Voitek (Catz n Dogz) Cool i was just looking for some club bombs Drunken Divine is really nice. King Unique Bold lush stabs in the dark on the original. Liking Nadja’s remix as well. Karlos Sense (Ibiza Sonica) Full support on Ibiza Sonica like always.. Thanks guys!! Big Hug for Nadja!!! Ral ( Great release!! Soon in Mihalis Safras Luvely smooth tunes from Helmut. Will support! Stephan Bodzin Deep invitation is just great!!! Lonya Deep Invitation is fantastic, very interesting ep overall! Anderson Noise Deep Invitation is very good. Will support! The Timewriter Skipping through is not the way to go here. Can’t do that with Klartraum’s, or in this case Helmut’s music otherwise you miss the magic of tracks like Drunken Devine and Paul Loraine’s epic reconstruction. Both will be part of my sets for sure. Danke!! Pig (Pig & Dan) I enjoyed Drunken Divine the most.. could be a hot summer track for afterhours. Hector Romero Very nice set starter groove on Orig mix great for after hours as well. Ralf Paul Loraine remix is a really nice mix will test it. Kasper Bjorke I’m diggin the Drunken Divine original here! Will try. Guy J CDT mix for me, all the way. Full support and good luck. Pole Folder Drunken Divine is a good track for me. Will play. Mauro Picotto Nice atmosphere and vibes on Deep Invitation. Very nice!